Buffalo WHR-G54S

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This is a wireless G broadband router. It has a WAN uplink, four ethernet port for LAN access, and a Wireless 802.11g interface.

OpenWRT Testing

I have installed OpenWRT from the OpenWRT project and it appears to be working beautifully.

After reading some of the documentation, setting up NFS mounting on it was also a breeze:

$ ipkg install kmod-nfs

The ipkg subsystem works along the same lines as the debian apt system, and is quite nice. To get a full list of current packages available, all you do is the following:

$ ipkg update
$ ipkg list

This will update to the most current package list available, and then list them all out for you.

When mounting filesystems with NFS, I did not install the portmapper package, so you want to mount remote file systems with the nolocking option:

$ mount -t nfs remote://filesystem /local/filesystem -o nolocking