Intel STL2

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Intel STL2 Server Board


  • Dual Intel Pentium III Processor support
  • Four 3.3V registered ECC SDRAM DIMMs
  • Two 64-bit, 66mhz 3.3V keyed PCI expansion slots
  • Four 32-bit, 33mhz 5V keyed PCI expansion slots
  • Integrated Adaptec AIC7899 dual-port SCSI controller
  • Integrated on-board Intel EtherExpress PRO100+ 1-/100mbit PCI Ethernet controller
  • Integrated on-board ATI Rage IIC video controller
  • Dual USB ports
  • One IDE Connector
  • Extended ATX board form factor


  • Does not like to work with SGI keyboards.
  • The IDE controller on this motherboard is not a good one. It has been known to cause data corruption, and in my experience when it is heavily loaded it tends to freeze the entire system.