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Suse 10 Enterprise

A recent problem I faced with this distribution was caused by a combination of OpenLDAP and autofs. The problem stemmed from a difference in the way autofs can be stored in OpenLDAP. The older format stipulates a format such as this:

/home ldap:nisMapName=auto.home,dc=blah,dc=blah2 -rw,async,nfsvers=3,udp

The newer format is looking for a format like this:

/home ldap ldap://<host>/basedn

Eventually the fix was found to be to add a line to the /etc/init.d/autofs script that output a properly formatted automount string:

(in getmounts_ldap() section)

     maptype=`echo $maptype | sed -e 's/:/\ /g'`
     echo "$DAEMON $daemonoptions $dir $maptype \"$map\""