Voyage of the Little Mermaid

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On the edge of the bullpen holding area for non-Fastpass holders, there is a line of bushes where seaweed and fish sprout out of. Definitely worth a look.

Staging Area

The staging area after the bullpen holding area outside is decorated with different things that you might find at the bottom of the ocean after a shipwreck. In addition, the walls have several nautical paintings on them. From the ceiling hang nets, lobster pots, and buoys.

To open the doors for the show, very often the cast will have small children make announcements in order to get the ball rolling.

Pay special attention to some of the paintings, as they are special paintings which will flicker from time to time to show a completely different image. The one that comes to mind is a painting on the far wall of a ship at sea. When it flickers, there is a painting behind it of a ghost ship. Very interesting to see how it is done.


You enter a mist-filled theater that is decorated as if it were an undersea cavern. Once seated, the show begins with dancing day-glo characters from the movie Little Mermaid, the characters being controlled by humans in black suits so that you cannot see them.

There is then a mixed media film (laser and live-action) that takes you under the sea, including being rained upon from above to really seat in the impression. Bubbles also fall from the ceiling at one point.