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Future World

World Showcase


To make arrangements in advance, call (407) 939-3463 or visit Guest Relations in the park.

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Other Notes

  • Signs
  • Holidays Around the World
  • Between The Land and Innoventions is a small courtyard which has a map of human developments. The map is circular and set into the pavement. You can trace human achievements through inscriptions that let you know when certain things were developed in history, such as the discover of genetics.
  • The grass areas at Epcot in some places are not fenced in, and if you like you can bring a picnic lunch and eat it on the grass in the park instead of finding benches or eating at one of the restaurants.
  • There is a live show that occurs outside of Innoventions called CyberGroove. It is a sort of futuristic approach towards music, and fun to stand and watch for about five minutes. Of course, it is completely lip synced and air-guitared, but still entertaining for a couple of minutes.


12 March 2007

Went to Epcot for the day. Saw the Finding Nemo film and ride in the Living Seas, then rode the boat ride on Living With the Land. After this, walked around the world, then came back and went on Spaceship Earth.

15 January 2007

Walking around the park, at one point I noticed a woman sitting in a wheel chair having her feet massaged by what appeared to be her daughter. The only reason it appeared that she was in a wheel chair in the first place was because she was fat.

While standing in line for Test Track in the single-rider line, I met an off-duty cast member who works at MGM Studios at Star Tours named Ryan. He was a nice fellow who was entirely too entranced with working for the company. It was interesting to talk to him because he had a lot of inside information that he just kind of spewed forth without even asking.

Also, when I looked at the line for Soarin it turned out that the ride was broken. The cast members guarding the entrance to the ride were very nice about everything. One of them I started talking to was a college student named Melissa who is a hospitality major at the University of Central Florida. She said that once she is done with her degree, she was thinking of coming up to Gainesville and working on an MBA at the University of Florida. She had the prettiest blue eyes, too.

14 January 2007

At the entrance, there is a flower garden that appears to change with the season. At this time it is filled with red, yellow, and purple flowers in a flowing design. The rose garden between Future World and the right hand approach to the World Showcase was in full bloom, and the flowers were particularly odoriferous.

The flag outside of Epcot was at half mast in observance of the death of President Gerald Ford.