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Mickey's Toontown Fair


Liberty Square


Main Street, U.S.A.

Parades and Shows




Entrance and Parking


15 March 2007

Went to the Magic Kingdom for the midday hour. Saw the Dream Along with Mickey show on the castle forecourt stage, and also took a number of pictures of different characters. I will be adding them to the picture archive as soon as I can. Had a spot of lunch at the turkey leg vendor in Adventureland, then looped around and left the park after seeing the lengths of lines.

Left the park by way of the small ferry to the Polynesian Resort, then walked from there to the entrance of Shades of Green. At the entrance, there was a golf cart waiting to take me up to the main entrance to the lodge, so I took it.

14 March 2007

Went to the Magic Kingdom after eating breakfast over at the Wilderness Lodge. To get there we took the medium sized ferry from the Wilderness Lodge to the Magic Kingdom. Once inside, we went and saw the following:

  • Splash Mountain
  • Mickey's PhilHarmagic
  • Tomorrowland Transit Authority
  • Carousel of Progress
  • The Barnstormer
  • Dreams Come True Parade

24 February 2007

Got to the park via the monorail from Epcot Center, then the large Ferry from the Ticket and Transportation Center. I always like to take the large ferry at least once a trip when I am down there, because it is such a nice calm way to get to the Magic Kingdom. Guests at the resort hotels very often do not get a chance to ride on this, opting more often for the monorail, unfortunately.

Entered the park in the evening only to leave about three minutes later after doing a quick loop through the central square area at the front of the park. The reason I did this at all was to accompany another person with me who had to visit the parks a given number of times during the year in order to fulfill a quota she has set for her because she is a part of a secret shopper program. Basically she was cheating on this particular trip.

Whatever. I got to see a couple of the cast members having some fun and using the ropes used as barriers for the parade as skip ropes with some of the kids as they were packing them up after the parade had finished. It is this kind of dedication of the cast members that I really enjoy seeing, as it shows to me that they really care about guests having a good time while they are in the parks.

After exiting the park, we caught the ferry from the Magic Kingdom over to the Wilderness Lodge, which is a smaller ferry that takes you past the Contemporary Resort through the canal that has the water bridge over the bus route to the Magic Kingdom. Having never been over the water bridge, this was an interesting experience that I plan on taking my mother on during Spring Break in a couple of weeks.

14 November 2006

I entered the park, and realized quite quickly that I had forgotten to bring a pen with me, which meant that I could not take notes. This set me off on a quest right away to find a pen. I searched high and low throughout some of the stores to see if I could buy one, only to find that the only things they had were these nasty huge pens that cost entirely too much for the utility that I wanted. I finally asked one of the stock people there if they had any simple pens for sale, nothing fancy. A Bic pen would have done as far as I was concerned. She was very helpful and just handed over a gel pen that she had in her basket, something that I would never have expected her to do. This is a prime example of just how helpful the cast at these parks can be. Mary was her name, and when I go back in a month or so, I plan on seeing if I can find her again and thanking her again for the pen. I went back later that night when I was leaving the park, managed to actually find her (stocking the EXACT same shelf, for gods sake! They had sold the shelf out and had to restock within just three or four hours!) and give her pen back to her. She was absolutely shocked that someone would borrow the pen and bring it back to her hours later. This just tickled me pink to see her reaction, though, and made me feel that much better about myself.

When walking through Liberty Square I noticed that, while all of the US Flags at the parks were at half mast in reverence towards the passing of President Gerald Ford, this one was not. I was not sure if this was because they had simply missed it, or if it was to keep in theme with the era. I asked some of the cast, but they did not know why it was not at half-mast either. This actually does go along with the theme that is represented in the brass placard at the entrance to Liberty Square.

While walking along a back pathway that takes you from Toontown to Tomorrowland, there was a strong odor of propane coming from the Indy Speedway. This path eventually spits you out behind the arcade in Tomorrowland.

Walking across the park from Tomorrowland to Adventureland, I noticed that the decorations on the castle for Cinderellabration were no longer there. Really, this is a good thing. The fancy stuff they added to the castle really detracted from it, not enhanced it.