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I understand that some of the parks listed below are not actually a part of the Walt Disney World complex. This just seems to be a good place to stick it though, at least for my purposes.

Theme Parks

Magic Kingdom

Epcot Center

MGM Studios

Animal Kingdom



Water Parks

Miniature Golf

Shopping and Clubs

Resort Hotels

For billing questions call (407) 828-5630 or Email at resortsresearchandbilling@disneyworld.com.

Deluxe Resorts

Moderate Resorts

Value Resorts

Vacation Club Resorts

Cabins & Campgrounds

Disney Characters


Easy transportation is available from all of the resort hotels to the different parks.

Bus System

The bus system is one of the finest available, and there is usually no more than a 15 minute wait for a bus to any location you may wish to go on the property. The only time you may find that there is a delay is at the end of the day when you are trying to go from one of the parks to your resort, in which case you may have to wait for a second bus.

Monorail System

There are three monorail tracks that operate.

  1. A direct line between the Ticket and Transportation Center and the Magic Kingdom.
  2. A resort line which takes you to the following stops:
    1. Magic Kingdom
    2. Contemporary Resort
    3. Ticket and Transportation Center
    4. Polynesian Resort
    5. Grand Floridian Resort and Spa
  3. A direct line between the Ticket and Transportation Center and Epcot Center.

There are twelve different monorail trains, all of which are not in use at the same time. Each monorail train is identified by a different color stripe down the side. Since it takes 10-15 minutes to do a track switch for one of the trains, you will not see them adding more trains to tracks during the day unless there is a problem with one of them. Each monorail train has six cars. If you ask and are patient enough, you can sit in the front with the train operator, maximum of four passengers up front.

Ferry Boats

Ferry boats go back and forth between the Magic Kingdom and the Ticket and Transportation Center

Water Launches

Water launches are available between the following locations:

  • Magic Kingdom and the Contemporary Resort
  • Magic Kingdom and the Polynesian Resort
  • Magic Kingdom and the Grand Florida Resort & Spa
  • Magic Kingdom and Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground


  • There are a number of artists that do some excellent work of Disney themes.
  • Be aware that for a quick snack, look for kids meals. I had a kids meal at the Land in Epcot and for under $5.00 I was able to get a meal with a chicken drumstick, mashed potatoes or rice or carrots (2 of 3), a snack (pudding, jello, fruit), and a small drink.


The bathrooms in the parks at Walt Disney World all use motion sensors to operate. As such, when it comes time to wash your hands you will find yourself battling with the sensors in order to provide enough water to wash by. The time on the water cycle on these taps is very short.

One solution is to keep an eye out for handicapped-enabled sinks, which sometimes have actual knobs to turn in order to turn the water on and off.


Disney has gone all out on making sure that you have the opportunity to take your memories home with you once you leave the parks. As such, they have photographers stationed everywhere, including in the resort hotels. These photographers use some proprietary equipment to store the photographs and send them off to a central server, but the base cameras that they are using are Nikon D70's. Be sure to get a Photopass so that you can have them send the pictures that they take of you to a known location.

At night, photographers use tripods to steady their shots.

Shoe Skates

This has become a popular item for kids to wear at the park. Parents... I beg of you... don't let them! They are a menace in the parks!


Tob Seven Must See Attractions

This video features Stacy as the host, showing you all of the different rides and other things offered at Walt Disney World.

During the number 2 attraction, Stacy holds up mugs of beer twice, once saying "Cheers!" and the other time saying "Pretzels und beer!"